Elon Watches NXT 12/2/2020

Updated: Apr 5


**This is 80% of the matches. Some matches were so boring I didn’t even bother writing about them.

Raul Mendoza/ Escobar vs Damien Priest /Leon Ruff

5/5 stars

thumbs up

Guy in the green undies (think its Escobar?) Kicked him in the nuts and then stomped on Damien Priest. Then he bent DP’s leg back and DP tried beating him in the face so that he could escape. Mendoza was so smug smiling at DP as he kept punching him in the face. DP finally tagged Leon Ruff into the ring. DP got tagged back in. DP shot his arrow at Mendoza and he attacked him. Leon Ruff jumped from the top rope and jumped on Mendoza and won the match.

Jake Atlas vs Tony Nese

3/5 stars

thumbs in the middle

so boring that I zoned out and didnt watch 😴. All I noticed was that Tony Nese has a nice ass. Jake atlas did a cartwheel which was actually pretty cool. He ended up winning the match.

Fabian vs James Drake , Zack Gibson vs Imprerium

5/5 stars

thumbs up!

Gibson vs Fabian Ightner (not sure of the spelling?) from Imperium were wrestling. Grizzled young veterans very good technique and interesting! Extremely entertaining. I think they tried hard because they are both new and want to prove themselves. Very good look for them since they are new to NXT. Imperium double kicked a GYV member in the ribs. Gibson all by himself getting attacked by both members of Imperium.

Blackheart Shotzi vs Raquel Gonzalez

5/5 stars

thumbs up

Shotzi’s hair looked good tonight! Gonzalez swung her by her hair . Gonzalez tried getting on top of the ladder but Shotzi used the ladder as a weapon, knocking the ladder on top of Gonzalez. Gonzalez picked up Shotzi and slammed her into the fence. Gonzalez threw the steel steps at shotzi and then went up the ladder. Shotzi got out of her stupor and climbed up the ladder. They both fought to get to the top of the ladder but did not succeed. Harwell came out of nowhere and tried to climb the ladder. Io shori jumped on Gonzalez as she ascended the ladder and dragged her down. All of the teams attacked each other and Io shori body slammed all of the girls at once, knocking them all out. while they were distracted, Shotzi got the brief case! Io shari is obviously the 4th member of shotzis team.