Elon Watches NXT 11/25/2020

nxt 10/25

5/5 thumbs up. Exciting from end to finish with twist ending.

candace larae vs ember moon!!!!

kevin owens is making commentaries tonight. CL got kicked by CL and got chased her around the ring. She back handed Harwell and then threw CL and slammed her so hard into the judges table that she bounced and landed face first into the table. The crowd was cheering EM saying “lets go Ember!” Dakota Kai and Gonzalez come out to hype up CL and CL went back into the ring to fight EM more. CL kicked EM outside of the ring sending her face first into the barricade. CL elbow started bleeding and she hooked EM leg and won the match. The crowd booed CL! Tony Star came out and looked as though she was on EM side but tricked her and started kicking her. Then TS threw her into the match with 3 other girls. The girls tag teamed on EM even more and she laid on the floor defeated.

During the cutaway, Candace Larae says “meet my team: Raquel Gonzalez, Harwell, and Tony Star!”

timothy thatcher vs Kushida

Chi tampa comes out with a steel chair but only to sit down. Thatcher got slammed into the ground outside the match and started bleeding in the mouth. He looked up at Chi tampa with a crazed look in his eyes and bleeding from the mouth. Thatcher tapped out.!

KO show

3/5 stars and thumbs in the middle. Leon Ruff is animated and funny but it was boring since KO has such a lackluster personality. I like him though but he slows everything down. Leon Ruff is on the show gloating about how he Beat Johnny Gargano twice and KO says whenever you say someones name they always appear. Then Gargano came out and confronted him. Damian Priest came out I never realized how good looking he is until today 😏 He has a nice deep voice. He came out taunting JG saying LR is much better than him because he beat him twice. William Regal came out and announced north american championship triple threat match would be between all 3 men.

3/5 star for entertainment factor but 5/5 for technique! Both had great technique.

Grimes and Jake Atlas.Never seen him before Grimes has cool hair. Grimes won and the crowd booed him. Lumeis came out and Grimes looked like he saw a ghost. He keeps running from him but William Regal told him to fight him.

Rhea Ripley got ganged up on by LC’s girls. They bought out Io Sharai passed out

Ever Rise came out and Grizzled Young Veterans came out and beat them up. The crowd booed them.

O’Riley vs Pete Dunne

PD Threw Oriley right in to the ladder. Dragon screw to the leg of Oriley . Suplexed Oriley through the ladder. PD tried to use steal chair but Oriley moved out of the way. Dunn threw PD over barricade and climbed up to the ladder, but Oriley tips the ladder over and climbs the ladder, then a masked man tips the ladder over and runs away. PD climbs the ladder and grabbed the brief case and won the match