Elon Watches Monday Night RAW 11/30/2020

Updated: Apr 5

Monday Night Raw

I hate Monday Night Raw because I have the attention span of a fish and cannot concentrate on 3 hours worth of wrestling. The other acts were boring so I didn’t bother take notes on them! I hate the surfer guy that always kicks off his fucking sandals in the ring. Dirty Hippie! Think his name is Matt Riddle?

Randy orton says he wants to find the fiends vulnerability and that is Alexa Bliss. I missed that part which I’m upset about!

Nia Jax and Shayner Blazer


Lana and Asuka

Star rating: 3 out of 5

thumbs in the middle

This is when I really started paying attention. Lana looked weak compared to Nia jax who is larger and stringer than Lana. Nia jax lunged towards Lana, crushing her in the corner of the ring. Nia held Lana and Shayner punched her in the gut numerous times.

The New day vs Hurt Business

raiting: 4/5

thumbs up

Xavier woods and Kofi are on Raw and then Big E stayed on Smackdown. I hate not seeing them all together. Also did anyone notice the white guy in the crowd hitting the dab while The New Day was talking? Xavier has such a cute smile and dimples. Alexander punched Xavier before the bell rung which was a total cheap shot. Alexander had a BLM arm accessory on on the match which i liked. Alexander wind the match.

Keith Lee vs Styles vs Riddle

Styles came out with his extremely tall body guard. Keith Lee did a body drop to Styles. Through him right over his shoulder.