Elon's Notes


4/5 stars and a thumbs up

ember moon and dakota kai

dakota kai had ember moons arm locked but ember moon got out of it. ember moon used the rope for leverage then kicked DK in the jaw and then in the head. She jumped through the rope and onto DK. Ember moon invited DK to hit her and when she did, EM put her in a head lock. DK yanking on EM injured arm. DK pinned EM and won the match.

Kushida vs Cameron Grimes . 4/5 , thumbs up

Kushida ties CG arms back and grimes tapped out but theres no official in the ring . Then CG gets back up and another referee comes back in and then CG officially taps out. Kushida won by submission

**didnt watch anything else


3/5 stars, thumbs up

Bayley vs Sasha. Hell in the cell

Lots of hair pulling in the beginning that looked like a catfight rather than wrestling.

Bayley climbs out of the ring but Sasha pulled Bayley by the leg and dragged her out of the ring. Banks jumped and his Bayley with a cross body outside of the match. Bayley tried to hit her with the steel chair but Sasha kicked the chair and threw it out of the ring. Sasha pinned her and Bayley tapped out, losing the match.

Carmella superkicks Sasha banks after her win and ambushes Sasha.

King Corbyn surprise attacked Mysterio.

Roman says Uso cant talk to Kayla—the interviewer— without talking to him or Paul hayman first!

4/5 stars, thumbs up. mysterio has good technique !

King Corbyn vs Mysterio . Rollins overlooked the match outside of the ring .

KC stepped all over Mysterio. Mind yo, KC is 6’8 and 285 pounds and mysterio is a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter. Must have hurt! Rollins attacked dominick and mysterio attacked him back. King corbyn pinned mysterio and won the match.

3/5 stars, thumb in middle

Natalya and Ruby Riot and Zelena Vaga. ZV kneed RR in the chin. Zelena tried to get to the rope to save herself but Natalya dragged her away. RR came back on the ring and made her tap out.

4/5 stars, thumbs up

Otis vs Rollins

Otis rubbing his belly and dancing everytime he got hit by Rollins. Murphy looking from outside of the ring. Seth rollins won the match

4/5 stars, thumbs up

Uso vs kevin owens

jay uso had great technique in this round. leap frog and kicked KO in the face but KO did a powerbomb. Looked like KO was going to defeat Uso, but Uso had his leg on the rope the whole time so he prevented himself from losing. Romans music distracted KO and JU was able to attack Kevin Owens and win the match.