Elon Reviews NXT 11/18/2020


Johnny Gargano vs Ruff

4/5 stars , thumbs up

Priest pulls Ruff out of the ring and punches him in the jaw. Winner by disqualification is Ruff. Priest has screwed Gargano once again!

Dexter Lumis vs Grimes

4/5 thumbs up, funny and entertaining

put bags over there heads as a blindfold match. Grimes “shadowboxing” and talking shit but didn’t hit Lumis at all in the beginning. Lumis mistook the referee for Grimes. He swung at the referee and repeatedly stomped on the referee. He took the bag off and realized what he had done. Then he tried attacking Lumis, but Lumis took off his blind as well. Lumis was getting battered around the ring.There was no referee so there were no rules in the match. Grimes ran out of the match.

No rating

tag team: Hearwell vs candice larae

Larae stomps on harwell. Did not take many notes on this match.

3/5, thumbs in middle. Boring match

Kushida won with the bridge

Tag Team: Dakota kai/ Raquel Gonzalez vs Ember Moon/ Toni Storm

3/5, thumbs down boring despite Ember Moon being there!

Ember moon was in the ring only a short time before she tagged herself out. Dakota kai grabs Ember moons leg to stop her from taking Gonzalez out. Ember Moon and Toni Storm win the match because Toni pinned Gonzalez. Candace Larae came out at the end of the match as well.

Gargano vs Priest

3/5, thumbs up

Gargano blindsided Priest and started fighting him. Priest put a boot to the jaw of Gargano. Ruff entered the ring and stole the belt from the ring.

Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley

5/5 thumbs way up!!!

IS is 5’1 and RR is 5’10 so why are they fighting against each other with such a big height/size difference?? I liked that this was a long match; it was interesting. RR is the powerhouse because of her size but IS is faster which is her advantage. IS did a Double stomp to the mid section of RR. Ripley’s ear started bleeding after getting kicked by IS. RR smeared the blood from her ear onto her face. IS was able to get to bottom rope as Ripley was grabbing on to her not letting her go. IS is my new favorite fighter! Shes very athletic. Shorai