Battle Of The Belts 4

Tony Schaivone, Excalibur, Jim Ross and Chris Jericho were on commentary. 

PAC defeated Trent Beretta to retain the AEW All Atlantic Championship (14:22)


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It doesn't seem fair to PAC that Andrade sucker-punched Sammy Guevara and he's the one who ended up working twice. Not that I'm compaining, since both matches were awesome. 

Crowd felt deflated here early on, probably due to the lousy finish of the Rampage main event. That didn't last, though. Beretta hit PAC with a plancha to the outside, then slammed him on the floor.

PAC and Beretta continued fighting on the floor. Beretta set up PAC on a table for a splash, but PAC rolled off the table. Beretta hit PAC with a dropkick. He went to the top, but PAC followed him up for a top rope superplex, and Breretta sold that he took the brunt of the impact on his neck. This seemed to get the crowd back into things.

After a split screen break, Beretta countered a charge from PAC with a stomp. Beretta chopped PAC, then hit a german suplex and a half-and-half suplex. Beretta hit a tornado DDT (that PAC sold beautifully) for a near fall. PAC tried to roll to the floor, but Beretta pulled him back into the ring. Beretta sent PAC headfirst into the turnbuckle and turned him inside out with a clothesline. Beretta was selling his bad neck, but yanked PAC out of the corner and into a piledriver for another nearfall. This really got the crowd into the match, chanting “This is awesome!”

Pac and Beretta went to the entrance ramp. Beretta set up a suplex, but PAC countered it and suplex Beretta off the ramp and through the table set up on the floor. Beretta took the brunt of the suplex on his nick, and PAC was cut open on his back and shoulder. PAC threw Beretta in the ring, then went for the Black Arrow, but Beretta got his knees up. Beretta went for a spear, but PAC got his knee up. Beretta got a quick small package for two.

PAC hit a back elbow and went to the top, but Beretta crotched him. Beretta hit PAC with a avalanche half-and-half suplex from the top rope for another near fall. The crowd was totally into this match now, chanting "AEW! AEW!" Beretta tried to set up Crunchy (his half of the Strong Zero), but PAC countered with the Brutalizer. Beretta struggled and got to the ropes. PAC looked frustrated that he couldn’t put Beretta away while the crowd chanted “Fight Forever!”

PAC dropped to the floor and went for the ring bell hammer. Beretta tried to suplex PAC back into the ring, and PAC hit Beretta between the eyes with the hammer and got the pinfall. A(

PAC's cheating brought Orange Cassidy out, who attacked PAC and chased him off. I thought this would lead to the ref seeing the hammer and maybe continuing the match or reversing the finish, but that didn't happen. I guess they already dropped that angle with the referees being empowered they started two weeks ago.

– Tony Schiavone interviewed Chris Jericho and 2point0. It’s time for Daniel Garcia to come home to the JAS. They're not mad at Garcia, they're just disappointed. 2point0 are like Garcia’s two dads, and Jericho is like his older brother! Chris Jericho will bring back the Lionheart gimmick for his match with Bryan Danielson in Toronto.

–In a pre-taped promo, Claudio Castagnoli made it known he would be looking for whoever wins the ROH title match in Toronto next week.

– Ricky Starks joined the commentary team for the rest of the show.

Jade Cargill (w/ the Baddies) defeated Willow Nightingale to retain the TBS Championship (7:28)


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Nightingale matched power with Cargill early on. Nightingale hit a shotgun dropkcik in the corner, then caught Cargill with a suplex. Nightingale countered a side suplex attempt and dumped Cargill to the floor. Nightingale took out the Baddies with a crossbody through the ropes. She charged Cargill on the floor, but Cargill picked Nightingale up in a cazadora and sent her face first into the ring stairs.

After a long break, Nightingale took over on Cargill with a clothesline, then took her down with a spinning head scissors. Nightingale hit a cannonball in the corner, then a shotgun dropkick off the middle rope for another near fall. Nightingale pulled down her straps (JR: “Where is Lawler when you need him?”) and went for another headscissors, but Cargill countered into a tilt-a-whirl slam, then immediately put Nightingale down with a Jaded Slam for the pinfall. This was a very good match from both women.

After the match, Vickie Guerrero came out and distracted Cargill. Nyla Rose came out from the crowd and stole the TBS Championship Belt.

– Lexi Nair interviewed Ethan Page, Stokely Hathaway and Matt Hardy. Hathaway confronted Hardy with the footage of his “contract tampering” with Private Party. This will probably lead to a match in Toronto, I'm guessing for Rampage.

– Lexi Nair interviewed Hook about the envelope from the TrustBusters. Hook tore up the envelope and walked away.

– Excalibur announced PAC defending the All Atlantic title against Orange Cassidy at Dynamite next Wednesday in Toronto.

– Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm cut a promo for their tag match with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter next Wednesday.

– Bobby Cruise did the ring announcing for the main event. He wore a neckbrace to sell the beating he took from Chris Jericho last Wednesday in Philadelphia.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) defeated The Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) (w/ Prince Nana) to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships (13:26)


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The Gunn Club were shown in the front row in FTR costumes. One of them had a skullcap and the other had an exaggerated wig to mock Wheeler's mullet.

FTR got a huge pop on their entrance. Excalibur stressed that since this an ROH match, there will be a 20 count on the outside and the Code of Honor will be honored.

Kaun and Dax Harwood started out. Harwood caught Kaun with a swinging neckbreaker. Toa Liona ran in but FTR cut him off. Hawrood hit a suplex on Kaun and tagged in Wheeler, who dropped a leg on Kaun. Kaun cut off Wheeler with a suplex and tagged in Liona, who slammed Wheeler and landed a diving headbutt. Liona slowed things down with a nerve pinch, then sat down on Wheeler to block a sunset flip attempt. Liona hit a belly to belly suplex on Wheeler.

Wheeler and Liona fought on the floor, where Liona sent Wheeler into the ring barricade. Liona charged with a cannonball, but Wheeler ducked and Liona hit the barricade.

The Gates of Agony worked over Wheeler during the split-screen break. Wheeler ducked a charge from Liona and sent him into the ringpost. Harwood got the tag and took the fight to Kaun, but Liona hit Harwood with a bodyblock and a Samoan drop. Liona went for the Tongan spike (a thumb to the throat), but Wheeler broke it up. Harwood tried a crossbody from the middle rope, but Liona caught him. Wheeler came off the middle rope with a dropkick into Harwood to take down Liona. FTR hit a double team hanging DDT (like Randy Orton’s) on Liona, which got a pop from the tired crowd.

FTR hit Kaun with a spike piledriver for a near fall. They went for the Big Rig on Lioa, but he was too big to get up for the move. But, when Liona charged at Harwood, they were able to get Liona up for the move. Prince Nana got up on the apron, and Harwood sent Kaun headfirst into Nana. Harwood caught Kaun with a backslide and got the pinfall. Anti-climatic finish, okay match.

After the match, Brian Cage ran into to help The Gates of Agony attack FTR. Wardlow ran in to help FTR, but soon he was overwhelmed 3-on-1 by the Gates of Agony and Cage. Samoa Joe ran in to even the odds, taking out Cage with right hands and a clothesline over the top rope. The babyfaces stood tall to close the show.

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