AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2022

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam opened with Excalibur welcoming us along with Taz, Tony Schiavone and Ring of Honor’s Ian Riccaboni as we are ready for our first title match of the night. Bobby Cruise does the ring introductions and former ROH owner Cary Silkin is sitting ringside as Judas hits and the crowd at Arthur Ashe sings along.

Chris Jericho defeated Claudio Castagnoli for the Ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Jericho opted for a slap in the face instead of adhering to the Code of Honor, which lit a fire under Claudio immediately. Claudio was an uppercut machine early, as he pressed Jericho over his head and crotched him in the ropes. Jericho rolled outside and hid behind Cary Silkin, shoved him into Claudio to gain control briefly. Back inside, a chop battle commenced until Jericho went for a springboard attack and Claudio hit an uppercut in mid air.

Forearm exchange on the apron led to a Jericho eye rake and suplex to the floor. Jericho remained in control back in the ring until Claudio got off a boot in the corner. Claudio pulled himself up to the top, but Jericho fought him off with a hurricanrana attempt. Claudio nearly got a super Ricola Bomb, but Jericho countered into a hurricanrana for two. Claudio powered out of a Code Breaker into a pop up uppercut for two of his own.

Anvil elbows from Claudio and double stomp to the chest led to a Sharpshooter, but Jericho got the rope break. Claudio blocked a low blow kick and hit a Ricola Bomb for a very close two. Claudio wanted his springboard uppercut, but Jericho countered into a Code Breaker for a near fall. Jericho sank the Walls of Jericho in the center of the ring, but Claudio rolled through into stomps of his own.

Claudio got nearly 20 revolutions of a giant swing and huge lariat, but Jericho again kicked out. Jericho scurried to get Floyd the bat, but Claudio blocked the swing. Jericho backdropped Claudio nearly into referee Aubrey, who was getting rid of the bat, as Jericho caught a low blow kick and Judas Effect to win the title and become The Ocho in the opener. Jericho Appreciation Society celebrated at the ramp with a very reluctant Daniel Garcia as well.

-We get an abbreviated version of the fantastic video package for Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley shown during the Control Center highlighting tonight’s main event.

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) w/Billy Gunn defeated Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland) for the AEW World Tag Team Championships


Thumbs Up

Rapper Fabolous joined the champions, while DJ Whoo Kid joined The Acclaimed for their entrances. Caster more than made up for not having a rap on TV in recent weeks. Bowens foolishly shot a single leg on Lee to start and was immediately rag dolled. Lee did a misdirect hurricanrana which shocked the crowd and The Acclaimed. Caster countered a big beal into an arm drag, but Swerve cut off the scissoring shenanigans.

Rapper Fabolous joined the champions, while DJ Whoo Kid joined The Acclaimed for their entrances. Caster more than made up for not having a rap on TV in recent weeks. Bowens foolishly shot a single leg on Lee to start and was immediately rag dolled. Lee did a misdirect hurricanrana which shocked the crowd and The Acclaimed. Caster countered a big beal into an arm drag, but Swerve cut off the scissoring shenanigans.

Swerve & Lee kept Caster isolated the entire commercial break, working over his leg, until Caster was able to avoid a Lee splash and hit Swerve with a powerslam. A wild brainbuster on Lee allowed for the Bowens hot tag, as he ran wild on the tag champs. Lee cut Bowens off, but Bowens fought off the powerbomb and double stomp. Lee dropped Bowens with a headbutt and bealed Bowens clear over the top to the stage.

Lee missed a moonsault off the second, as Swerve tried to cheap shot Caster with the boombox, but Caster ducked and Swerve hit his partner. Bowens hit the spinning neckbreaker, but as Caster leapt for his Mic Drop, his knee gave out from being worked on earlier in the match. Swerve hit a back kick in the corner on Caster and hit a fireman’s carry release into a Pounce almost from Lee. An assisted powerbomb delivered to Caster, who kicked out at two.

With The Acclaimed on the floor, Swerve did a springing 450 onto them and had a faceoff with Billy Gunn. The referee was turned to Lee, as Bowens hit a spinning forearm and Gunn hit the Fame-Asser. Back inside, Bowens hit his spinning neckbreaker and Caster nailed the Mic Drop for the win as confetti poured down with The Acclaimed and Gunn scissoring in victory.

-Lexy Nair interviewed FTR backstage, who congratulated The Acclaimed on their win and said they’ve been number one ranked since April. They were about to challenge the champs until Gunn Club interrupted and called themselves the younger FTR.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Wheeler Yuta about his thoughts on the main event until MJF interrupted to a huge ovation. MJF called Schiavone a fat, old prick and told Yuta he was mid and would never receive a reaction like that in his life. He said the crowd loved him so much the crowd would drink his spit and allow him to sleep with any of their wives. Yuta mentioned MJF’s engagement and said she’ll walk out on a spineless MJF, just like he walked out on AEW. MJF wished good luck to the Blackpool Cuckold Club and whoever wins will lose to him. MJF ran down Danielson and Moxley, but when he got to Regal and referenced pills, Yuta decked him. MJF got a headbutt, shoved Schiavone down as Yuta shot a double leg. W. Morrissey made the save and attacked Yuta along with MJF, as security separated them.

-We get a segment from earlier in the day with Diamante interrupting Jade Cargill and told her that her backup for their TBS title match at Rampage is rapper Trina. This upset Jade, who asked if Kiera Hogan knew about this before storming off.

PAC defeated Orange Cassidy to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship


Thumbs Up

Cassidy threw his sunglasses at PAC and got a few early takedowns to cause a frustrated PAC to regroup outside. In the ring, Cassidy did his little kicks, dropkick, but PAC responded with a shotgun dropkick of his own. Commentary asked if Tony Schiavone is ok having rejoined the booth and Tony said MJF will be fined for this, but it doesn’t matter since MJF can do anything he wants and has a ton of money. PAC launched Cassidy into the post, went for Black Arrow, as Cassidy rolled to the floor again.

PAC did a crazy twisting dive where his hip was what took out Cassidy. In the ring, PAC hit a top rope dropkick and controlled the action the entire commercial break. Cassidy gave a thumbs up to PAC and it just caused him to be more relentless as a result. Cassidy tried to roll outside again to avoid Black Arrow, but PAC stopped him with a snap German suplex. PAC went for the finish again, but Cassidy lifted his feet up and told PAC to jump onto them.

Cassidy nearly suckered PAC into a roll up for two and Stundog Millionaire that sent PAC outside, where Cassidy hit a dive through the ropes and diving DDT off the top back in the ring. Cassidy hit his satellite DDT perfectly, but PAC kicked out at two. PAC countered Orange Punch into a Brutalizer attempt, which Cassidy turned into a roll up for two.

Cassidy connected with an Orange Punch, but PAC got the rope break and went outside. PAC grabbed the ring hammer from the ring bell, shielded himself as he hit Cassidy with the hammer and rolled him back in the ring for the tainted victory. Commentary questioned the way PAC won, since PAC didn’t think Cassidy deserved the title shot to begin with.

Toni Storm defeated Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (w/Rebel) & Serena Deeb & Athena to retain the Interim AEW Women’s Championship


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Storm & Athena quickly dispatched of Deeb & Baker to get a brief interaction. Deeb broke up a backslide attempt, was able to roll both Athena & Storm over into a clever double pin attempt for two. Deeb got a leg lock on Storm and abdominal stretch into a suplex on Athena. Baker got a series of pin attempts and Sling Blade onto Deeb. Storm dropped Baker with a shotgun dropkick and went to the top rope where she was cut off by Baker & Deeb. Athena joined for the Tower of Doom spot.

Athena ran wild momentarily before Baker cut her off with a thrust kick. They spilled to the floor, as Rebel got in a series of cheap shots. Deeb hit a slingshot under the rope throat first on Storm and controlled her in the ring. Deeb had Athena in a Boston Crab, while Storm had Baker in one as well, as both ladies traded slaps with the holds still applied. Storm was able to get free and deliver some Sweet Cheek Music until Baker cut her off.

Deeb cut off Baker in the ropes with a neckbreaker, dragon screwed Athena’s leg in the ropes and hit a snap neckbreaker on Storm. Serenity Lock was applied until Baker broke it up. Athena had Baker in a fireman’s carry and powered up Deeb at the same time for a fall away slam and Samoan Drop, which I believe broke Baker’s nose. Athena hit a gnarly spinning face buster on Storm, but Deeb broke the count. Athena sent Deeb outside; bur ran into a Storm Tornado DDT. Baker nearly got a curb stomp, but Storm countered into a roll up for the victory. Post match, Baker attacked Storm, as Jamie Hayter showed up and just like last week, teased going for Baker, but joined in the Storm beat down.

As Athena & Storm were beaten up by Baker, Hayter & Deeb, new music hit and out walked Saraya, the former Paige in WWE for the very few who are unaware, to a massive ovation. She stared down Baker and company, as she yelled it was her house.

Darby Allin video plays hyping his No DQ tag team match on Rampage with Sting against House of Black. Darby is carrying a bodybag on the subway, in a taxi and told the driver to take him to Arthur Ashe.

Excalibur welcomed Lord William Regal to the commentary table for the main event, as Regal is all business tonight, meaning no funny saying about the Man in the Mask.

Jon Moxley defeated Bryan Danielson in the finals of the AEW Tournament of Champions for the vacant AEW World Championship


Thumbs Up

MJF is shown in the balcony with his chip that grants him a future AEW championship match. A back and forth series early with Danielson getting the takedown and strikes to the neck. Danielson poured on strikes, Moxley getting off minimal damage, as Danielson hit multiple running boots in the corner until finally Moxley avoided one to take over.

It was Moxley’s turn to dish out punishment with a double stomp to the chest and some kicks until Danielson fired back with violent chops. A diving knee off the apron outside led to a Danielson dropkick off the top back in the ring. Moxley had Danielson locked in a choke while on the apron, but Danielson countered into a German suplex and posted Moxley shoulder first to follow.

Danielson zoned in on the left shoulder, keeping Moxley grounded and finally hit a Busaiku Knee. Danielson went for a top rope dropkick again I believe, but Moxley slammed him down and sank in a single leg crab with a transition into an ankle lock. Danielson nearly escaped, but Moxley got a leg capture release suplex that dropped Danielson on his head. The referee checked Danielson, as Moxley set him up in the corner, raked at the back, tried for a superplex, but Danielson crotched him and got a back superplex of his own.

Moxley countered a roll up into a LeBell Lock, but Danielson escaped into forearm strikes. Both men locked legs and bridged up at the same time, slapping each other. Danielson won that battle and sank in Cattle Mutilation briefly, but transitioned into Anvil elbows. Moxley rose to his feet, ate strikes and turned Danielson inside out with a lariat. Danielson back dropped out of a Death Rider attempt and hit another Busaiku Knee for two.

Moxley dared Danielson to kick him, took Danielson’s bad leg out, hit a Curb Stomp and Death Rider for a very close two. Forearm battle commenced off a test of strength with Danielson driving down boots to the side of the head until Moxley was nearly motionless. Moxley powered out of a triangle sleeper, but Danielson got the LeBell Lock and Moxley nearly tapped.

Moxley rolled to the stage and avoided a diving Danielson to hit a Death Rider out there. Back inside, Moxley quickly covered for two. Moxley sank in a rear naked choke, Danielson nearly kicked free, but ultimately faded and Moxley wins the AEW title in a classic main event. Regal joined both of them in the ring, as Moxley had the title and Danielson was asking Regal if he had passed out to end the show.

Final Thoughts

This was a phenomenal episode of Dynamite, arguably one of their best. The crowd was hot for the whole show, especially for the title changes, MJF segment, debut of Saraya and that amazing main event. Job well done to all involved, this was an excellent two hours of wrestling.

Thumbs Up


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