AEW Dynamite 9/23/2020

A positive COVID-19 test result has resulted in a major change to tonight's AEW Dynamite.

Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Orange Cassidy for the TNT Championship was set to headline the show, while Jon Moxley, Will Hobbs & Darby Allin were going to face Lance Archer, Brian Cage & Ricky Starks in a six-man tag. Archer revealed a positive COVID-19 test, so now Moxley will defend his AEW World title against Eddie Kingston. 

Miro & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) defeated Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Thumbs Up **1/4

I thought they used Miro smartly and he played to his strengths, mostly tagging in for a few power spots. 

I thought that any talk of Miro having a new physique was overblown last week but I was wrong. He's gigantic. A fun match despite Kip trying jis best to fuck it up

Almost immediately after

Eddie Kingston entered and demanded the hard camera be focused on him. He said he and Mox used to be cut from the same cloth but then Mox sold out and became a sports entertainer, selling his soul to the devil. He demanded that Moxley face him. Moxley entered and faced off with Kingston. A security team kept them apart.

This was an excellent segment. Give me a Kingston promo every week.  Thumbs Up

Hangman Page defeated Evil Uno (w/Dark Order)

Thumbs Up ** Stars

Kenny Omega was on commentary during this match. Thumbs Down

Schiavone interviewed Matt Jackson backstage. Matt said fans may have noticed that he and Nick have been acting out of character lately. 

He broke Tony's phone

Thumbs down

TNT Championship match: Mr. Brodie Lee defeated Orange Cassidy to retain the title

Not much to the match here but it was more a backdrop for the post-match angle. 

** Thumbs In The Middle

After the match, Cody's music hit. 

Cody entered. He has dark hair now. 

Cody beat up some Dark Order lackies while Lee escaped. 

Cody is best thing for AEW by a grand margin.

Matt Hardy and Private Party made their way to the ring. Hardy said it was his birthday. 

Hardy said he was attacked from behind last week. He used a lot of words to say that someone with a mask attacked him with a pipe or bat and noted that right after he was laid out, Jericho and Hager entered with a bat. 

Hardy said he has a lot of enemies but was pointing the finger at Jericho. 

Jericho and The Inner Circle entered. Sammy Guevara is back. Jericho said he didn't attack Hardy. Jericho was carrying a baseball bat. 

Hardy wanted to fight the whole Inner Circle. Quen and Kassidy talked sense to him and reminded him he's not cleared yet. 

Quen said he is cleared and laid out Jericho last week. Kassidy said he's ready to make Le Champion his bitch next week. 

Thumbs Up

FTR and Tully Blanchard came to the ring for a promo. Tully said that Tag title matches on TV will now have a 20 minute time limit and he and FTR get to pick the opponents. 

FTR are branding this as a weekly "brush with greatness." They mentioned Best Friends as potential  opponents. 

Best Friends entered. FTR acted like they were ready to defend the titles right away. A referee came out and was about to ring the bell when Dax stopped him. 

Cash said it wouldn't be fair to Best Friends if they wrestled tonight and advised them to take a couple weeks to heal up and then maybe call Tully and they'll set something up. 

This was an effective segment. Thumbs Up

Things got boring after this point

Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida defeated Ivelisse & Diamante

Rosa is great, Shida is great, this match was laid out really well, there's just only so much Ivelisse and Diamante are capable of. 

***1/4 Stars Thumbs In The Middle Pointing down

Jericho and MJF continued to do their mutual appreciation society gimmick. It was very good. 

AEW World Championship match: Jon Moxley defeated Eddie Kingston to retain the title

Thumbs Up ***1/2

A key point in the finish here is that Kingston never tapped, the referee called for the bell after Kingston appeared to be out. 

After the bell, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix ran in to attack Moxley. 

Will Hobbs ran in for the save. Penta and Fenix recovered and laid out Hobbs. 

Darby Allin ran in to join the brawl. Allin sent Fenix and Penta outside wth skateboard shots. 

Ricky Starks ran in and attacked Allin. Starks hit a big spear and hit Allin with the skateboard. 

Kingston went back after Moxley. 

The heels stood tall to close the show. 

They plugged stuff earlier for next week show. I look forward to next show. Thumbs Up Show