AEW Dark Elevation 7/11/2022

This week's AEW Dark: Elevation was taped before last week's Dynamite in Rochester, New York.

Emi Sakura defeated Paris Van Dale


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Sakura started the match by showing her strength and technique to mock Van Dale. She even handed Bryce Remsburg some fake tea. Van Dale, a Northeast Championship Wrestling regular, got some offense in with a bulldog and a facebuster. Sakura countered a suplex and hit the delayed backbreaker for the win.

Dante Martin defeated JD Drake


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The story of the match started with Drake’s strength against Martin’s high-flying offense. Martin went for a tope just for Drake to knock him out of the air. Some great striking from Drake was followed by a belly-to-back suplex where Martin got dropped right on his neck.

They went back and forth until Martin hit a high cross from the top for a near fall. A big boot and a huge clothesline got Drake another two near falls. Martin counterd the cannonball senton and hit his finish for the win.

Julia Hart defeated JC


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JC was super terrified of Hart. She was able to turn it around for a little bit until Hart just decided to sit in full guard and choke her. She locked in an arm lock submission that Tony Schiavone called Don’t Let Go JC for the quick tap.

Ethan Page defeated Colin Delaney


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“Let’s go Colin” chants rang out to start the match and a couple of deep arm drags for Delaney made the crowd pop. Page got the upper hand and started beating down Delaney for a near DQ. Delaney fought back again with a beautiful cutter, but eventually Page hit the Ego’s Edge for the win.

Anna Jay defeated Shawna Reed


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The Factory’s Anthony Ogogo joined commentary for this one. Reed got out of the gates hot, but Jay fought back and didn't let up for the rest of the match. She locked in the Queen Slayer for the submission win.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) defeated The Factory (Aaron Solo & QT Marshall)


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Ogogo remained on commentary. Taylor and Solo started and Taylor locked in an ankle lock and Solo was quickly out of there. Best Friends then started to dominate by beating down on Marshall and hitting a double suplex in tandem, but some celebrating and distractions gave The Factory the heat. 

The Factory went for the Best Friends hug and the hard cam still hit the quick zoom out.

Taylor finally got the hot tag, hitting a couple of clotheslines into a tope. A blind tag by Beretta got him back in the match, but The Factory took advantage again with some dirty offense and Comoroto taking out Taylor on the outside.

They ended the match with all hell breaking loose and the Best Friends taking out both Comoroto and Marshall on the outside. They hit the Strong Zero on Solo for the three count.

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