205 Live 3/26/2021

Had the same issues I had last week. Also still can't find last week's episode.

Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh (Bollywood Boyz)


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Daivari convincingly dominated Samir in the opening moments—This lasted until Nese tagged in, who Samir was able to roll up for a quick pin attempt. The Bollywood Boyz then traded tags to maintain their advantage for a brief time.

Daivari distracted Samir, securing a tag and a favorable position. Daivari and Nese then traded tags of their own, effectively cutting the ring in half. Only after a reversed neckbreaker and hot tag did things turn around for Samir.

Sunil connected with a barrage of offense. A spinning heel kick left him with a near fall over Nese. Daivari tried to turn things around, only to be taken out by a dive. A diving elbow left Sunil with another near fall that Nese broke.

Following the post-pin-breakup chaos, Daivari hit a uranage on Samir, not the legal brother, but Sunil could not follow up. Daivari caught Sunil’s superkick, transitioning into the hammerlock lariat. Daivari then pinned Sunil for the win.

Are the Singh Bros heels or faces?

August Grey defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis


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Adonis and Grey traded wrist control following the opening bell. Both men then tried for some quick pins before a powerslam cemented a lead for Adonis. Afterward, Adonis connected with all the offense he wanted for some time, racking up a couple of close pins. Adonis tried for three falling elbow drops, but Grey avoided the third. A brief strike exchange followed, but a spine buster from Adonis left in far ahead once more.

Adonis connected with a dropkick that sent Grey to the outside. Grey took advantage of the time this separation created to catch Adonis in the ropes. After slamming Adonis into the turnbuckle post, Grey connected with a high crossbody, a neckbreaker, and a scoop slam resulting in a near fall.

Adonis landed on his feet following a suplex attempt, allowing him to connect with a flapjack, an overconfident fist drop, and a crossbody. Grey rolled through the crossbody into a pin attempt of his own. Grey caught Adonis with a forearm before trying for the unprettier. After two attempts, Grey hit the move and pinned Adonis.

Following the match, Ariya Daivari came onto the stage and tried raising Grey’s hand. Grey was not a fan of the gesture.

Who's heel and babyface?

How do you care about anything on this show?

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