Anchored In Love International’s mission is to provide underprivileged and impoverished children with education, nutrition, healthcare and emergency relief.  

In September 2014, we had the opportunity of visiting the village of Kirombe, in Kampala Eastern Uganda.  We were deeply moved by the vast number of orphans in that village, who had lost their parents to AIDS. Many children were simply abandoned by their parents.  Most of the children live well below the poverty line.  Many of these children do not have access to basic education, food and shelter, due to lack of financial support.   Our goal is to reverse the bleak future for as many of these children as possible, by partnering with local schools in that village.  By building relationships in the community, we can provide students with sponsored financial assistance and support in achieving one of their goals of attending school.

Our sponsored school, Blessed Zion Primary School in Kirombe, Uganda is in dire need of funding and materials to build separation walls for standard classrooms and on-site adequate bathrooms for student’s sanitary needs, as mandated by the Ugandan authorities.  

All donations will help this school reach its full potential of providing students with safe structural classrooms, fit for learning, adequate sanitation, and clean water.

Please help us in reaching our goal.

Mission Statement for Anchored In Love International, Inc.

Anchored In Love international, Inc is a not for Profit humanitarian corporation dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged children across the globe.  Anchored In Love International, Inc. provides the necessary assistance to ensure that the needs of underprivileged children are addressed through educational funding, nutritional food distribution programs access to shelter and health care professionals. Anchored in Love international, Inc. Endeavors to ensure that the neediest of children are given an opportunity to become viable, educated and independent adults who will strive to attain excellence in economic independence.

Find us: anchoredinlove56@gmail.com