Brandon Gerald Productions LLC (A holdings company), founded on December 21st, 2016, is a corporation located in Queens NY. Founded by Gerald Roberts, and was owned and operated by Gerald Roberts and Brandon Tranquille. Subsidiaries: BGP Radio. 

While having its own subsidiaries BGP sponsors and invests in other brands, organizations, businesses and projects.

Subsequent services include Logo revamp, social media revamp, content, branding and other resource. Contact us via social media.

In May of 2019 BGP Radio is subsequently now SGP Radio 

As of June 10th, 2019 Brandon Gerald Productions LLC is owned and operated by Brandon Reid, Gerald Roberts and Sarafina Jeanty.

5% of proceeds go towards charities/causes of our choice

Phone: 347-983-3134


For SGP Radio bookings/other SGP Radio inquiries email: or contact

Gerald Roberts


Twitter: @AtGeraldRoberts

Instagram: @AtGeraldRoberts